Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Jr.


Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Jr.


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Biddle, Anthony Joseph Drexel, 1896-1961


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Biographical Text

Born in 1897 to Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Sr. and Cordelia Bradley. Served in World War I as a private and promoted to captain. In the 1920s, followed business ventures and was known for his athleticism and impeccable style. Became an ambassador in 1935, first in Norway and then in Poland in 1937. After escaping German bombing during the invasion of Poland in September 1939, he and his wife, Mary Lillian Duke, stayed in France with the Polish government in exile. They eventually boarded a ship to New York from Portugal in August 1940. He returned to Europe in March 1941, staying in Sussex, England while serving as U.S. ambassador to exiled governments in Europe through 1943. He joined the Army as lieutenant colonel in January 1944, to serve on Dwight Eisenhower's staff before, during and after the Allied Invasion of France. His last post was as an ambassador to Spain in 1961, the same year he died.

Birth Date



Philadelphia, Pa.

Death Date

November 13, 1961


Major general, United States Army


A photo profile portrait of Anthony Joseph Drexel Biddle, Jr. He is wearing a dark suit with tie, has slicked-back hair, and gazes toward the left side of the photograph.


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