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Research and digital access

Drexel family material in the Drexel Libraries digital repository. These digitized items all come from Drexel University Archives collections and represent only a small portion of the Drexel family-related material held by the archives.

University Archives Drexel Family Research Guide, which includes information about the collections held by the University Archives, genealogical material and register, and family-related material held by other libraries and archives.

The University Archives collection database. Here researchers can search finding aids, or detailed guides to archival collections. 

The Drexel University Libraries webinar Incorporating Archival Material in Your Curricula: Drexel Family Collections introduces faculty to just some of the collection material to be used for course assignments or a longer partnership with the University Archives.

Project Partners

Visit the project partners websites to view more images and information about their collections.

Drexel University Archives

Drexel Collection and William B. Dietrich Online Gallery

Robert and Penny Fox Historic Costume Collection

Archives of the Academy of Natural Sciences


These family tree charts and genealogical register may be of use for visitors researching the genealogy of the Drexel family. The register was created by Drexel University Archives staff and is a regularly updated work in progress.

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Further Resources