Runnymede. Lansdowne, Drexel Hill, Pa.

Purchased by Anthony J. Drexel circa 1882 from George Fallon, Runnymede (also spelled Runnemede) was located on Lansdowne Avenue, Drexel Hill. He often spent early summer and early fall at the estate.

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The estate eventually came into the hands of Drexel's daughter Sarah Van Rensselaer and her husband Alexander, who decided to make Runnymede available to the Drexel Institute community around 1910. Students and alumni from the Institute used the grounds for outdoor sports and recreation, seen in the photos below, for about a decade. 

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Library at Runnymede

Ripening of the Leaf

1. Ripening of the Leaf, an oil painting depicting the Wissahickon Valley by Thomas Moran from 1863.